Friday, April 21, 2006

Summer Update

So what have I done in the past few weeks? A little bit of everything but mostly nothing! What's new? Nonetheless, here is the list. I've read the following essays/chapters:
(1) the chapter on death from A Scream goes through the House (great, can get cheezy at times, but on the whole interesting interesting, the pictures are great, munch readings can get too simplistic, and the take on emily dickinson is dare I say stupid;
(2) most of the essays in Letters in Transit (Said's piece: clarity!, Simic's piece: funny!, Andre Aciman's piece: sad. I don't want to be like him. hehe);
(3)"Summer in Algiers" by Camus (overly sentimental!)
(4) Wake by Bin Ramke (hay, I like. :) )
(5) Luna Caledonia (I swear the whole journal writing , my life is SOOOOO important, and all important writers DO WRITE DIARIES can get quite sickening after a while. Although I just might eat my words because I DO have a blog as you might have noticed. hehe)
(6) Introductory essay to Masculinities Studies and Feminist Discourse. (Just how much has feminism shaped the way we see gender these days. Is gender primarily a feminist category? Issues issues issues that I do want to write about, but I can't seem to find that essay I wrote oh so long ago and I suddenly wish to revise.)
(7) I'm sure i'm forgetting a few other things. But I promise to mention them in the next entry.

Other matters:
I love Squid adn the Whale. Loved it to tears. OA na cge na nga, pero basta. That final scene pushed me off the edge. I also got to watch the Bee Season. IN SPITe of Richard Gere, i loved it. Spelling bees, Kaballah, language, god, peace, love. The makings of the perfect sappyl movie. This will make it to my anthology. Pride and Prejudice was also surprisingly good. I've never been attracted to female literature of this sort but this movie version seemed to either prove all my suspicions about pride and prejudice wrong, or is ajust a really good adaption of this. Society . in italics yes.
I also officially confirmed to myself that I'm deaf. I took a tone audiometer test this afternoon and science has officially proved all my friends suspicions that I'm bingi. I've also confirmed that all my wisdom teeth are impacted. Yes yes yes. I become a hypochondriac when I'm home. Slow motion, by the way, is finally going to be done soon. Or at least I'm tring to convince myself that.

Somebody tell me why the hell this is taking me so loooong! arg. Running on the track the other week, I was following a guy whose basketball jersey read "slow motion". Maybe if I caught up with him, I would finally get the book done. The world was finally finally speaking to me in clear messages! Or so I vainly hoped. By the time I was behind him, he sprinted away. to the far ends (?) of the track, and I was out of breath na. PUN - YE - TA .

musta naman jan?

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Birthday birthday!

Thanks to everyone who greeted me on my birthday! love you all! (nyaks, di ba bagay?)
Have stories to tell... maybe next blog entry. There's a new instructor in the gym that's so. SO. Basta gym ito everyday. Kahit hindi obvious dahil may beer belly pa rin akoh! Let's ALL enjoy the summer.