Saturday, May 20, 2006

May the End of May

My summer stay here in cebu is bound to end within a few days, so I might as well make sure that everything that's happened in the last few weeks is if not remembered then at least documented. hehe 
Random notes! 
1. Meeting Mojares on wednesday, with a few questions up my sleeve (and my backpocket) 
2. Meeting Dumdum on monday afternoon. I think right before he goes to mass. I don't know if that's going to be good or not. But I better have something to show for this whole summer so I might as well finish my interview of him. 
3. Had a major asthma attack last night. Started feeling it two nights ago when I smoked a wee bit more than I usually did. Lost. Watched da vinci code the next day (meaning yesterday) coughing ALL throughout the film. If I was the girl sitting beside me I would have long far either made away na or walked out. Basta embarrassing and kadiri. Those coughs that are so loud.... You get what I mean. 
4. I've been dropping by the Cebuano Studies Centre in San Carlos since last week. Good and bad. Inspiring that there are actually SO many things just WAITING to be studied here. Writers whose works have never been collected into books. Mandang "carya", this advice columnist here in cebu during the 1950's ? tell me if I'm wrong about the date. Playwrights! Seems like more than the poetry tradition. It was drama and movies that really hit it big here in cebu. Even found a play written by mojares! I dare not begin reading. hehe But also terribly sad that all these manuscripts HAVEN'T been examined. Or that the filing is good, but needs to be updated. And I can only begin to imagine what poems, stories have slipped through the careful hands of the CSR.  
5. The week before that, I went to dumaguete. Visit Ana who was a fellow for poetry this year. But more than anything, just to meet Myrna Pena Reyes, a poet whose book was the first Filipiniana I ever bought, and who is now back in Dumaguete, retired after a life in the States. It was good seeing her. :)