Thursday, July 05, 2007

You said it for me so well, Teddy

"I am shocked by the question when I come up against it. I have no hobby. Not that I am the kind of workaholic, who is incapable of doing anything with his time but applying himself industriously to the required task. But, as far as my activities beyond the bounds of my recognised profession are concerned, I take them all, without exception, very seriously. So much so that I should be horrified by the very idea that they had anything to do with hobbies - preoccupations with which I had become mindlessly infatuated merely in order to kill the time - had I not become hardened by experience to such examples of this now widespread, barbarous mentality." --- Adorno

nose in a book

kerima polotan, "memories"
albert camus, "love of life", "summer in algiers"
vs. naipaul, "Middle Passage"
marjorie perloff and her essay on barthes and ashberry

future pleasure
revisiting dumdum, selected poems
berger, pig earth
barthes, barthes by barthes
gloria anzaldua, borderlands

screaming your wish to the world:
terry eagleton, How to Read a Poem (someone get this, pls!)

And thanks to Steven connor Art, Criticism and Laughter: Terry Eagleton on Aesthetics
For making me realize, I DO NOT want to write ABOUT laughter.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

new essay!