Saturday, February 25, 2006

After a bottle of wine and vodka and good company, the world does seem write, for now, and sort of. 

Widgets are great! Spent the whole morning downloading them: cocktails drink finder. bedrock biorhythm chart, tarot reader, meditation timer. Is it getting obvious I'm into my esoteric, third-eye, inner life phase again? Bad timing, especially when more worldly, practical matters are at hand. I guess i'm in denial--- and wasting my Saturdays on it too. 

The talk in Cebu's all about the mad killer who stormed into a doctor's office and shot her, and then shot himself, and then left in his pocket a list of other doctors (a hitlist? a schedule?), and then leaves everyone in that hospital paranoid, and angry, and finally finally imaginative. 

Saturday, February 11, 2006

new old song

So I'm trying to update my music list, right? Downloading all these songs. Trying (trying!) to make sense of all of them. When I realize (to some relief) that in the end I fall back on the old dependables. Actually, for tonight, just one of them: Madonna "Crazy for you". So much for newness! (I give up!) hehe

Monday, February 06, 2006

evil TV

After the whole wowowee incident (and although there is so much, so much that I want to say), all I have to say, for now, is this: someone give me the controls to turn this joke of a black box off.

Thursday, February 02, 2006


Despite everyone going gaga over Brokeback Mountain, I actually think it was just an ok movie. Yes, I cried. Yes, I watched it at 2 am and lost sleep and looked like shit the day after for it. And yes, I couldn't help but talk about the day after. But I don't think it deserves an oscar. Certainly, the world should celebrate the purported mainstreaming of movies like these (meaning, in this case, gay movies), but I think if all this means is the depiction of the homosexual experience through heterosexual eyes (I's), then nothing much has been achieved really. The camera in brokeback couldn't almost bear to watch the two main actors making love. The sharpest pain came from the pain of the wives of the husbands. All it resorted to were these beautiful landscape shots which were, yes, certainly great, but which I feel were indicative of not only a romanticized view of gay-love, but an almost anxious reaction to it. As if forced against the wall, all it could look at were the grass, the mountains: a touching evasion of the unweildy, terrifying truth of homosexuality.

I think, in fact, the real gay movie of the year is CAPOTE. I've watched it already in almost three episodes now: each in 20-minute parts, and I don't think I want this movie to end. I want to extend it as long as I can. All hail to interruptions!