Tuesday, June 19, 2007

For no reason

For no reason

For no one else deceives the eye/mind than what

we long for.

What is not seen compells.

What we believe

becomes the man

that saves us from the wreck.

Where is it to be found?

(And shored up, like stone, or sand.)

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


So you have read it. Or (re) read it? The Hours. Or at least those paragraphs I had in mind when I said, you would find a reprieve of sorts.

Sort of. Funny and embarrassing when we think familiarity gives us comfort. Or a "similar case" is necesssarily what we want, when we want-- a break.

Funny that we don't give the same credit to strangeness. To the new day. To someone calling, whom we don't recognize. Whose voice is nothing like, nothing "similar to", what we have heard before.

To strangers.

To people we read, or write to, but have never met.

As if that didn't count.